A cosmopolitan blend of the traditional and the contemporary

The Union International Club Frankfurt is the prime location for dialogue between nations and cultures.

For 60 years the Union International Club has been based in the spacious, neo-baroque style Villa Merton, set in park-like grounds in Frankfurt’s diplomatic district. Here it provides a meeting place for the business, political, cultural and diplomatic elite.



The Villa Merton is an island of peace and elegance in the heart of the city. Its unique ambience is created by the picturesque park setting with its ancient trees, the pool, the greenery, the terrace and the top quality cuisine.

The Union International Club thrives on the personal exchanges between people from widely differing nations and thus acts as a true reflection of the international nature of Frankfurt itself.

Its main goals are primarily achieved on a cultural and commercial level. To this end various events are staged involving high-profile personalities from public life, from Colin Powell to Warren Buffet, Richard von Weizsäcker to Jean-Claude Trichet and Justus Frantz to Reverend Jesse Jackson.

The Union International Club is made up of the Union International Club e.V. and the Union International Club GmbH. The Union International Club e.V. is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at increasing international understanding and at maintaining the fabric of historical buildings.

With the Union International Club GmbH we offer you a unique setting for overnight accommodation, unforgettable functions and successful conferences.