A top class experience

In our outstanding restaurant, under a stucco ceiling, we aim to offer you the perfect combination of cuisine, service and atmosphere. The Union International Club established the Villa Merton Restaurant in the villa in 2002.

Since 2012 the restaurant has held a two Michelin star rating. Head Chef Matthias Schmidt and Restaurant Manager Thierry Felden are two consummate professionals who inspire their team with their passion for creating unforgettable culinary experiences for the pleasure of their guests.

A daily Business Lunch and an la carte menu can be enjoyed every day in the Villa Merton Restaurant and on our beautiful terrace in the summer months.

Culinary, cultural and creative

The creations of Matthias Schmidt offer a seasonal, original, pure and harmonious cuisine, which focuses on the basic ingredients while at the same time providing a sensual experience of the highest calibre, full of inspiration. Top quality, sustainable products are used to combine regional dishes with influences from all around the world. Every dish has a story to tell whether culinary, cultural or creative.